An Open Letter to Veda

Loan Denied
Loan Denied

At the beginning of November 2013 Veda advised that they had a record of my change of address. Since I have been at the same address for more than 10 years I informed them of their error. BTW, the bank who gave the incorrect information to Veda (Bank of Melbourne, a division of Westpac) point blank refused to advise Veda of their error.

After 2 months Veda have corrected the address on their file for me. When writing to thank them I was reminded of how much they and their clients SUCK and decided to share my vitriol.

Hello Customer Relations Team:

Thank you for your reply. It’s a pity that you don’t apply the same degree of urgency to requests from poor punters as you do to requests from your credit thug clients. I’m sure that Telstra et al would not be too happy if you took over two months to reply to their requests for updates.

Well, no point in pissing into the wind – you will not make any change to your thuggery just because a mug like me complains.

Anyway, I tried to copy some text from my file to be told that I needed a password to do this. I entered the password that you supplied to be told that it was not correct.

Then I tried to print the file. Same outcome.

So, you have set a password on MY file that I do not know. Just another example of your High & Mighty attitude.

Please advise the passwords that I need to use MY information how I choose to. Preferably sometime this side of May.

BTW I, like about 20% of the people that you hold to ransom, use a Mac computer and do not have access to, and would not use even if I did, a Windoze boat anchor.

Just for the record, as both Telstra and Baycorp know, but refuse to do anything about, the Overdue account of $916 is included in the $2,362 Overdue account as Telstra sold the same disputed account twice.

Furthermore, Telstra has informed me that they have no details about the origin of either of these amounts and can provide no evidence of the supposed liability. Any attempts to garner such information is met by a simple statement, “contact Sensis” who, when contacted, say “contact Telstra”

So, I will be making no applications for credit until these false, unsubstantiated and malicious entries are removed by the passage of time.

Equally, I have blocked the phone number of Baycorp (your client) who, for 2 years, have made threatening calls to me on a regular basis and decline my offer to have the matter heard by a court of competent jurisdiction.

I can only assume that they are indeed aware that they have no supporting evidence for the claim and are hoping that I will need a loan before the 5 years is up.

Well, I had no intention of wasting my valuable time on you or the thugs you serve. But now I have spent the time I will send copies to the puppet claiming to ensure you behave ethically, and Baycorp.

All the best,

Nigel Ball

If you have ever borrowed money, or been late with paying a telco or utilities bill you should consider getting a copy of your personal credit file.

According to the Veda website you have to pay them an exorbitant fee (blackmail) of $70 to get a copy of the information that they hand out to any Tom, Dick or Harry financial thug.

But, they also have another website which is not referred to on their official site. There they set the scene of how they deal with us. They will send you a copy of your file 10 days after receiving your request. BUT, if you pay them $60 they will send it to you tomorrow! Blackmail and thuggery is an integral part of their corporate culture!

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