CTO On Demand

CTO on Demand

With many years experience as a software developer & system manager Nigel Ball has launched a totally new service for StartUps, ScaleUps and LifeStyle Businesses — CTO On Demand

Managing a startup is hard. It requires a level of dedication and application to detail which is not for everyone. What’s more, the Founder of a startup is likely to have expertise in the market their startup is addressing, but not in the technology areas most likely essential to success. In fact, the appointment of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is unlikely to be high on the priority list.

It is against this background that the CTO On Demand service was created. As a founder of a Health Tech Startup himself, Nigel is acutely aware of the technology areas and resources essential for success. Additionally, he has hands on experience in seeking, implementing and running the services needed for the development and success of a startup in today’s world.

The unique service covers answers to your tech related questions

  • how should I create a website?
  • what email list should I use?
  • how can I manage communication with my contractors, co-founders employees & suppliers?
  • what is the best accounting software for my startup?
  • should I pay for a Merchant Account with an Aussie bank or are there better, cheaper ways to collect monies from customers?
  • what is the cheapest way of accessing legal advice & legal templates?
  • how can I run a survey of potential customers quickly and cheaply making sure that I retain access to the people responding?

It is unlikely that any startup could exist today without using one or more on-line SAAS — Software as a Service — accounts. The CTO On Demand Service can set up SAAS services including

  • Slack – or other collaboration tools
  • Mailchimp – or other email list managers
  • WaveApp – or other on-line accounting applications
  • Trello – or other ToDo applications
  • and many more

Once set up the SAAS services can require ongoing administration, for example adding new users, and this takes none of your Founder’s valuable time or efforts as it is all taken care of.

Answers to curly issues that arise on the technical front such as

  • how to share calendars between team members
  • how to make sure all of the startup’s IP in the form of files, documents, emails and more are safe, secure and backed-up

On a higher level, the virtual CTO will advise on the selection of Open Source or Proprietary solutions to any business requirement. For example, instead of using Google Drive or Dropbox for your IP storage, ownCloud is an Open Source alternative which avoids the problem of overseas corporations effectively controlling your product or service’s value.

What’s Included

  • Provides membership of a private Slack channel where you can pose any questions — in private or collectively to the group — on anything technical affecting your business
  • up to 4 hours of video or face-to-face sessions to discuss progress, issues or plans each month
  • access to a private members website with reviews and How-To videos of services or techniques helpful to Founders
  • Full training (face-to-face or video conference) on any technologies adopted by your startup

The Financials

The CTO On Demand Service is open to a limited number of subscribers. Participation costs $450 per month. Discounts are available for quarterly or half yearly payments. Contact Nigel for more details or to discuss any Technology issues your StartUp or ScaleUp is facing.