The Nitty Gritty

Over the years I have designed, written and developed software systems in the financial sphere including: Actuarial Pension & Superannuation Projection & Valuation System; Broker Nominee Administration; International Custodian Back Office; Life Insurance Policy Administration; and Asset Management.

In most cases I have acted in the roles of Business Analyst, System Architect, DBA & Project Lead. I select the tools, language and framework selection.

I have programmed in, inter alia, C, PHP, Ruby, RoR, JS, Objective C, Swift and Perl.

Being opinionated, I believe that there is a “right” way to design & program – this entails abstracting the fundamental attributes of the data & processes to develop algorithms which cater for the system needs in the simplest, most elegant manner. In my experience this often entails taking an approach which differs from that supported by conventional wisdom. Too many systems are written to cater for the ideal scenarios but struggle with “real life events”. A well designed system will capture the actual events and make management of the outcomes logical & painless for the user.

On a practical level, I have substantial experience with many open source software environments including Linux (desktop & server), WordPress, Ruby on Rails as well as setting up and managing many lesser known Open Source systems such as Wekan, OwnCloud, Rocket, Ghost and others on various cloud services – AWS, Digital Ocean and RedHat OpenShift.

Feel free to call me — 0433 090 887 — (and leave a message if I don’t pick up) or email me.