My current activities as a Technologist cover the following areas

elthi pty ltd
elthi – better health by better personal health & medical data management
A HealthTech Startup — elthi pty ltd — which is working on personal health & medical data management with the emphasis on personally collected data managed as a multi-dimentional Timeline.

webclxWeb marketing, software development and consulting on the application of technology to business including the application of Open Source software for select clients. I do this under the Webclx banner.

Maker 3121
Maker 3121
Exploration of DIY IoT technology (software and hardware) for application in the Home Automation and personally collected health data fields. This includes 3D printing using Open Source software and hardware.

The Nitty Gritty

Over the years I have designed, written and developed software systems in the financial sphere including: Actuarial Pension & Superannuation Projection & Valuation System; Broker Nominee Administration; International Custodian Back Office; Life Insurance Policy Administration; and Asset Management.

In most cases I have acted in the roles of Business Analyst, System Architect, DBA & Project Lead. I select the tools, language and framework selection.

I have programmed in, inter alia, C, PHP, Ruby, RoR, JS, Objective C, Swift and Perl.

Being opinionated, I believe that there is a “right” way to design & program – this entails abstracting the fundamental attributes of the data & processes to develop algorithms which cater for the system needs in the simplest, most elegant manner. In my experience this often entails taking an approach which differs from that supported by conventional wisdom. Too many systems are written to cater for the ideal scenarios but struggle with “real life events”. A well designed system will capture the actual events and make management of the outcomes logical & painless for the user.

On a practical level, I have substantial experience with many open source software environments including Linux (desktop & server), WordPress, Ruby on Rails as well as setting up and managing many lesser known Open Source systems such as Wekan, OwnCloud, Rocket, Ghost and others on various cloud services – AWS, Digital Ocean and RedHat OpenShift.

Feel free to call me — 0433 090 887 — (and leave a message if I don’t pick up) or email me.


Nigel Ball

Born in Christchurch, I still travel on my New Zealand passport and stubbornly consider myself to be a Kiwi even after living in Australia for most of my life. My only real compromise to those years is that when I refer to “us” I mean we Australians. But, when in Auckland (I visit as often as possible) “us” still means we Kiwis.

Up until the 90’s (remember those times?) I practiced as an Actuary, managing actuarial businesses and consulting to corporate clients in Australia, the UK and the USA.

However, my passion has always been computers and computer software. I’ve owned, serviced, programmed and trashed virtually every personal computer and operating system known to man. After a long association with Linux on desktops and laptops, I commenced a passionate love affair with a MacBook Pro and iPhone. That affair has extended to anything Apple! I still argue that this passion is based on cold logic and reject the Apple fanboy epithet occasionally thrown my way.

Today, I retain my involvement with programming and database development through my HealthTech Startup elthi as well as enjoying tinkering with IoT as a hobby.

My current business activities are as Webclx targeting Internet Marketing & publishing and consulting on my own account and on behalf of select clients.

Extra Curricular Activities

Gilera Nexus 500cc

When I’m not actually earning a crust, I enjoy the freedom and isolation of riding my Gilera Nexus 500cc sports scooter, digital photography and generally mucking about with technology including 3D Printing.


I cannot resist watching (from the secure comfort of a TV screen) the All Blacks playing rugby and being inspired by their sheer courage, strength and skill. This is in spite of the fact that I really do not understand the universal passions associated with team sports.

Finally, I follow Formula 1, WRC, Dakar, Super bikes and MotoGP – perhaps the common thread being the combination of technology, speed, skill and bravery.

Family Tree

Our family tree, covering the Ball, Reith and Doyle branches has been online for several years. But it now has a new home and is once again being maintained by my brother Vincent.

New Family Tree