I find Effective Ways for my Clients to apply Current Technology to better achieve their Business and Personal Goals

My aim is to help create functional, well designed and easy to use solutions to common goals.  

Nigel Ball

In years past it was the hardware that rapidly evolved. But then the focus of change moved to the software layers. In today's environment progression on both the Hardware and Software layers continues unabated. What is harder to comprehend now is the rapid fire changes to methodologies.

My Projects

A Diverse Range of Areas with a Common Thread


A website and email hosting platform covering the full spectrum from the "Business Card" site to a full on e-commerce solution. 

Further specialist applications for digital marketing of tangible and intangible products. 


Publisher of iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. Skilled at extracting the best from outsourced, geographically spread, developers.

Specialised analysis of app target activities and UI design. Built-in analytics to track user activity and maximise app effectiveness.


In early 2014 I decided that 3D printing and other methods of personal production (including CNC machines) were about to make the leap from the industrial to the personal arena. I took delivery of my first 3D printer in July 2014 and a CNC machine soon thereafter. 

Executive iPad User

At the beginning of 2014 I created a website called Executive iPad user targeted at those who acquired their iPad with a view to increasing their personal or business productivity. I consider this to be a "game free" zone.

My Apps

Applications to Achieve Simple Goals