Gilera Nexus 500 for Sale

My Gilera Nexus 500
My Gilera Nexus 500

It is with regret that I announce that my original Gilera Nexus sports scooter is for sale on BikeSales. I guess I cannot be too sad since I still have my second Gilera Nexus 500!

In case you are wondering, the one for sale is a 2005 model with 25,000 km on the clock. The keeper is a 2007 model with 8,000 km under its belt. The only real difference from a riders point of view is the older one is quieter and faster (higher top speed) while the younger doesn’t quite have the legs, but it gets there with more noise and better acceleration.

So, if you know anyone who might be interested in a very sexy, very red Italian two wheeler, please send them along to this page or direct to BikeSales

BTW they both, in the great Ball tradition, respond to the name of “Gertrude”.

Couple of additional details … fitted with a TomTom Rider GPS and double helmet Givi rear pannier.

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