Flex2 shipping module for VirtueMart on Joomla

Just a quick post here to say that I have released a VirtueMart shipping module for Joomla 1.5.

Suffice to say that it provides a flexible mechanism for calculating shipping with separate scales for “Domestic” and “International” orders.

The idea for this module, plus core source code, was derived from an existing module “flex” by Micah Shawn which is contained in the current VirtueMart distribution.

You can download the module from HERE. Installation instructions are in the included README file.


  1. nigelb135 says:

    Sorry bsntechie, your request is outside the scope of what I can do at the moment. I hope that you have already found a way to solve your issue.

  2. Hi Nigel,

    This is exactly what I've been searching for – it's now 1.14am and I can finallly go to bed a happy man! Thank you so much.

  3. Hi i am working on jooomla i would like to have a shipping option for state wise and product wise
    eg. for 1 product 25 rupees for xxx state and 30 for yyy state i need to add 5 rupees additional for each additional products. 2 products 35 3 products 40 etc

    Please let me know how do i fix this in joomla virtumart

  4. Can this module be modified for three regions, e.g. UK, EU and ROW

    • nigelb135 says:

      Richard, i would think that such a change would not be too hard. Unfortunately, as you can perhaps tell by how long it took to reply, I do not have the time to make such a change at the moment. I hope that you have found a way of achieving what you need for your site.

  5. This is nearly Exactly what I have been looking for, for a while!

    In my instance I need only flex shipping for UK & I'm going to handle international shipping using the standard shipping module.

    Is there a way I can switch off international shipping using your flex2 shipping module?

    Thanks again!


    • nigelb135 says:

      Andy, As far as I can recall, only one shipping module can be in effect at any time. And the Flex2 module returns a shipping value in all cases, even if the result is zero. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

  6. himalayansaltlamp says:


    I just installed the Flex2 Shipping module and I must say it was very easy to install and setup. Everything is straightforward, but I am having one problem.

    I currently only ship to USA and Canada. I have the USA zone setup as Domestic and therefore Canada would fall under International. In the Domestic boxes, I have free shipping to kick in after $69.99. In the International section I have the Charge Flat Shipping Rate to this amount set at $10,000 and Minimum Shipping Charge at $22.95. When I login as a user from Canada and go through the Checkout process, it still reads that orders below $69.99 are charged $22.95, but unfortunately it also gives the free shipping when orders are above $69.99.

    I don't want it to give free shipping for International orders and based on everything I have completed in the form, it shouldn't.

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.


  7. reinchiks says:

    is it possible to change – Percentage to charge if total sale is over base to -Amount to charge if total sale is over base? i want to charge 4$ as standard for up to 200$ order, then constant 8$ for any order above 200$

  8. daviddallingjr says:

    I don’t have a folder called shipper under classes. I created the directory, and upload the files, but FLEX 2 is not showing up on my Shipping Module List. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

  9. roninn75 says:

    hi thank you for your module, i have successfully installed it on a clients site and everything seemed to work fine however when calculating the shipping, after checkout using a south african payment gateway called VCS the shipping amount is not included in the final payment. any ideas?

    thank you….

  10. Hi,

    Can we tweak it so that the shipping charges are calculated not on the price but the number of items. And the flat rate working in reverse–shipping cost charged for each individual item up to ‘x’ amount and then flat shipping rate after ‘y’ items.


  11. what does this supposed to mean ?

    At the time of checkout if the selected country is same as your “Domestic country”
    then it will take all the values from “Domestic” setting else it will take the values from “International” setting.
    * In the interests of total flexibility, the module will let you enter values which can lead to
    discontinuities or even inconsistencies in the calculated shipping charges. Please be sure to check
    the results of your settings at, just before and just after the entered base rate.

    how can i set the price for new york city shipping price and for mexico shipping price ?

  12. Ryan: You’ll need to be more specific for me to be able to help… Please give an example of what Flex2 calculates, and what you were expecting.

    That said, we use Flex2 in Australia where it is common practice to quote prices inclusive of GST. This applies also to shipping. so if we sell a $3.00 item and charge 15% shipping it means that our customer is going to pay $3.45 including $0.41 GST

    If we wanted to charge shipping at the rate of 15% + GST, we would configure Flex2 to charge 16.5% (including GST)

    Hope this helps.

    • Heather says:

      What about if my client doesn't want to charge tax on the shipping fee? I left the setting of the tax class at "0 -none" yet it still charges tax on it. How can I fix that?

      Otherwise – yes – got this up and running in MINUTES! Wonderful Virtuemart addon! Thanks so much!

  13. It has been my experience that neither the Flex or the Flex2 shipping modules calculate shipping tax correctly. I’m trying to charge 9.25% and the result is just not 9.25% of the total shipping and handling cost. Any suggestions?

  14. can this module set cost by state not only by country?

  15. Bram Larrick says:

    Thanks you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been trying for two days to get a simple shipping module working for my jewelry company. (one rte for domestic, one rate for international)

    Tried the USPS and all other plugins for VirtueMart, what a rats nest.

    I had yours up and configured in under 5 minutes.

    Glad I found you, I’m subscribing right now.


  16. Louella Chambers says:

    Never mind.. I have it on a subdomain and my paths are messed up… so disregard that prior comment…oooopsy!

  17. Louella Chambers says:

    In your readme file you state:

    1. UPLOAD the following files to:






    Well I am up on my server now and I don't have a Classes folder nor do I have a Shipper folder. Do I need to install some kind of module to have the backend configuration that you speak of here?

  18. This is really great! I hope to add this to my existing site, does any one here tried the package, how was it so far? I am contemplating on using it..TIA

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