Get 5% back on each PayWave Purchase under $100 for 6 Months

ING PayWave Offer
ING PayWave Offer

For the last 6 months I have been enjoying 2 things:

  • the convenience of paying for small purchases without scrabbling for cash or navigating through the EFTPOS maze; and
  • getting 5% of each transaction immediately credited back to my bank account.

This has all been done with my ING Direct account and I have made $160 over 129 transactions. It’s one of the only times that a bank has actually paid me!

I’m telling you this because you can get the same benefits as a new “Orange Everyday” ING customer. AND if you use the link below to signup and let ING know that I was the one who told you about this, I will continue to reap the 5% reward for another 6 months.

How it works:

  1. To be eligible you need to be a new Orange Everyday customer.
  2. You sign up for an Orange Everyday transaction account at the URL below by 31 Jan 2014. Don’t forget to enter my Friend Code NLN965
  3. You make a deposit into your new account by 31 Jan 2014 to start earning 5% cash back!
Friend Code: NLN965

Good Luck

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