Textile Markup with MediaWiki, Revisited

Following Jim Wilson’s comment I have revisted this subject and now offer my own extension which adds Textile2 to the AlternateSyntaxParser without the need for hacking Jim’s original extension.

You can download the extension here.

Instructions are included in the source, but for convenience, they are repeated here…


# Install the *AlternateSyntaxParser* extension.
# Drop this script (@AlternateSyntaxParserTextile2.php@) into @$IP/extensions/AlternateSyntaxParser@
# Enable the extension by adding this line to your @LocalSettings.php@:
after the line enabling the AlternateSyntaxParser
# “Download the Textile2 library”:
# Extract the file @classTextile.php@ from the downloaded archive.
# Drop @classTextile.php@ into @$IP/extensions/AlternateSyntaxParser/@


To use Textile2 in a page, put @#MARKUP textile2@ at the top of the page:

Alternatively, you may specify a site-wide default alternate language by setting the @$wgAlternateSyntaxParserLanguage@ variable in your @LocalSettings.php@.

$wgAlternateSyntaxParserLanguage = ‘textile2′;